Don’t Panic! Keep Calm!  The likely hood is that if you’re reading this you’ve already been diagnosed with either Fibromyalgia (FMS) or Chronic Fatigue, or maybe both! The upside is you most certainly won’t have to suffer these irritable symptoms of Glazy Eye Syndrome.  Phew!  You can check yourself in the mirror later!

Let’s explore Glazy Eye Syndrome a bit more.  Reading between the lines we can see from the research that fibro / chronic fatigue sufferers have immunity, so surely this implies that it is only prevalent to those who don’t have to live with a chronic condition such as fibro?  However, there is a downside that there is a connection to Fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions, sorry to have to inform you, but that’s the facts.

What’s the connection I hear you ask?  Well first of all we don’t have to get our rocket science books out, it’s actually quite a simple theory and here’s how it goes ………

“Glazy Eye Syndrome affects only those few who are predisposed and probably unaware of their disposition. The symptoms can only be activated in the presence of another, the other having been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as Fibromyalgia.  (A set of symptoms that correlate with each other and sparks an amazing magic ability to activate Glazy Eye)”.

Wow! Really?  Yes really and here’s how to test your amazing magic ability……….

Next time you find yourself having to explain your condition, for example you might be having to cancel plans, yet again, or you might be at fainting stage due to the freezing air conditioning and bright lighting whilst you’re out buying all the health foods and supplements ever invented and had to rush off to your surgery just to make sure the anxiety isn’t a heart attack!  This is where the magic happens, the good news being is that it’s an automatic response you have and its way more effective when you feel it being activated and you know when your button has been pushed.  I guess you could say you are learning to put Mindfulness into your magic.

All you have to do is notice that when the other person freezes, displays a sense of vagueness and their eyes go into a glazy stare, almost of disbelief, then that’s the time you know your magic has happened!  Next, take a step back and just observe. Until you get used to your magic, make a mental note if you feel your heart racing or feel a bit shaky, this is your stress response kicking in. At this stage, it’s really important to shift your focus by bringing your awareness to your breath.  Is it speeding up and shallow? What’s the sensation in your body?  Becoming familiar with your response, (this is a part of your brain, Fight /Flight, reacting to a supposed threat) gaining awareness to your response will serve you well in the future.  It’s really helpful here to give yourself a minute to take control of your Fight Flight response by taking a few deep breaths, inhale through your nose and release through your lips. It’s a good idea to blow a raspberry at this point, maybe anchor this as your response for the next time you activate a Glazy Eye situation; overall it’s healthier to respond than to react.  Once you feel you have calmed down and your breath has returned to your natural rhythm you can continue on your way feeling pretty chuffed in the knowledge of your special magic ability and assertiveness!

For further information on Mindfulness you can check this out at the workshops here

Jok x

Disclaimer: This blog and contents are presented for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for medical advice and treatment.  Any information with reference to research is taken from Jok Saunders, Fed up with Fibro, Tongue in Cheek book in progress!

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