LAUGHTER is INFECTIOUS Too Much Is Seriously Good For Your Health!

Sounds totally bonkers I know, but it’s true!  When I came across Laughter Yoga I didn’t realise just how amazing it would be for me, not only in managing my ups and downs with fibromyalgia but in my recovery of cancer and surgery.

Becoming A Laughter Yoga Leader

Earlier this year I took myself off and trained to be a Laughter Yoga Leader, a week-end of belly laughing which left me feeling so exhausted I have to admit, but also uplifted and regained my laughter lines!

Laughter Yoga, a unique concept that anyone can laugh for no reason being as the body can not differentiate between authentic and simulated laughter, the body does not think and you can’t feel happy and sad at the same time!

Sounds Bizarre But Its True!

Called laughter yoga because it combines simulated laughter that soon becomes authentic laughter, initiated by giving yourself time to play again and yogic breathing which brings more oxygen to the brain and body, after which we close the session with more laughing and a relaxing meditation.

Some Of The Benefits Include:

  • Improves wellbeing, boosts the immune system and exercises mind and body
  • Increases the levels of endorphins, the body’s natural pain relief hormones
  • Helps to raise oxygen levels throughout the body
  • Reduces the levels of stress hormones, your body can not be happy and stressed at the same time! Practiced regularly the body builds resilience to our reaction to stress.

Laughter Yoga’s History

Laughter Therapy was pioneered in the 1950’s and has undergone much research showing many positive outcomes.  Laughter Yoga was created by Dr Kataria, in Mumbai, India in 1995 where laughter and yoga were combined and has since successfully spread around the globe making it accessible to everyone.

Come And Get Involved!

We hold regular Laughter Yoga sessions at the clinic and the enjoyment is contagious and you can literally watch as participants start to let go and enjoy a good old belly laugh.  Come along and give it a go, you have nothing to lose but loads to gain!

Speak soon.




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