To live with Fibromyalgia, writes Susan de Muynck,  is not easy as we know but many sufferers respond well to Body Work, the power of touch offers many benefits to the mind and the body. It’s important to note that like many other complex and difficult to treat conditions fibromyalgia is multi-factorial and therefore requires a multi-faceted approach.

There are many alternative holistic treatments on offer and massage is one of these.  As a massage therapist, I believe you get the best results when we can work together to help relax the body.  Between us we can develop a programme that brings about the most relaxation and healing that suits you as an individual, based on a relationship of trust so that your body can respond to the treatment in the best possible way.

Currently, Fibromyalgia has no known cause or cure, it can be a primary or secondary condition and its effects vary widely from person to person. Sharing how you feel means you and your therapist can work together to get the best out of the treatment. Each individual responds and requires different types of massage as well as different pressures. Some people respond well to deep slow work whilst others can barely stand the lightest of techniques and for some, it can be a full body or just head, hands or feet.  An aromatherapy massage has the benefits of using various blends of essential oils in the massage which can be an added bonus. That is why good communication is crucial.

So how can Massage benefit you as a person suffering from Fibromyalgia?

Massage can help with relaxation to improve the quality of sleep allowing the body to repair and rejuvenate during that winding down time more effectively.

Massage is wonderful for relieving stress in the body which can help with cognitive issues and give a general sense of well being.

If there is trauma held in the body, the therapist and client can work together to help work through this, thus easing both physical and emotional pain.

Massage can aid lethargic muscles and help restore strength and vitality to the body by improved muscle tonicity. A good back, neck and shoulder massage or Indian Head Massage can help with headaches, improving the blood flow to the brain, release tension held in the jaw, neck and shoulders where many fibromyalgia sufferers feel their pain.

To find out more about how massage and the power of touch can help you please contact me at the clinic.

Susan de Muynck.


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