Mindfulness Workshop, North Devon

Symptoms of anxiety and feeling stressed go hand in hand with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Whether it’s environmental or situational, these symptoms can be overwhelming and debilitating, often resulting in a state of panic.  None of this is good for anyone’s health, let alone if you have a chronic condition and already predisposed to heightened sensitivity. It soon becomes a preoccupation to maintain a level of calmness and over a period of time a heightened sensitivity to stress leads to flares, poor immunity, inflammation, low mood and depression, it’s no wonder we seek out ways to console ourselves, but sometimes this is just like sticking a plaster on it.

Mindfulness Practice

Have you tried Mindfulness?  Our interactive, accredited Mindfulness Workshops in Barnstaple, North Devon offer you a highly researched and evidence based solution that when practiced over time helps you to build resilience towards stress, restoring a sense of harmony and wellbeing back to your life.

On completion of this workshop you will have gained an understanding of Mindfulness and how you can apply it to your everyday life.  You will be invited to join a Mindfulness Support Group to continue and enhance your practice.

“I always leave feeling positive, uplifted and having learned somthing new. Highly recommended!”

Karen H

Facilitator: Jok Saunders, Mindfulness (Accredited Training Provider) Pain Management Practitioner (Dip) IAHT)

To find out more how Mindfulness can help you, you can contact Jok here or call  07968 511312.

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