Nutrition Workshop North Devon

We offer a range of educational and interactive nutrition workshops in North Devon. There’s a focus on healthy eating and wellbeing where experience and knowledge of nutrition can be educational and fun to include easy steps to improve general health with the use of foods.

“Food is medicine, eat like your life depends on it!”


  • Regular Health & Wellness Workshops
  • Take Five!  Combining five ingredients to make a Smoothie packed full of essential nutrients to replenish energy and support the immune and hormone system
  • Practical and interactive ways at looking at the foods, nutrients and supplements which are necessary to maintain general health and how to avoid the deficiencies commonly associated with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

“There’s a wealth of information and great support, all offered in a professional, positive, friendly way. Jok’s nutrition expertise is excellent.”

Julie H

For further information contact Jok on 07968 511312 or visit the Contact Us Page

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