S.T.A.R.S. Interactive Workshop In North Devon


Receiving a diagnosis of fibromyalgia can be devastating and learning to cope with an invisible illness can feel like a never ending struggle. For many it can feel like entering a darkness where feelings of despair and isolation are overwhelming which certainly doesn’t help when you are struggling to manage the symptoms. 

It’s all too common that in this darkness there is emotional turmoil and a sense of loss for the life you had before fibromyalgia and which only adds to the existing anxiety and at worst lead to depression. 

S.T.A.R.S.  workshop in North Devon is a shining light tailor made to give you a tool to guide you out and away from this darkness.  In a small group setting you will be supported and guided through the process to discover a new coping skill that will help you to manage the emotional overwhelm, as well as helping you to re-gain clarity, re-focus and restore your sense of equilibrium.  

“Your mind will only take you in the direction you tell it to go, make sure you are going in the right direction!” 



Facilitator:  Jok Saunders,  Mindfulness Coach(IAHT) NLP Practitioner

“I gained so much from this workshop, so empowering and insightful into how simple techniques can make such a big impact, I haven’t looked back!”   Keith, Taunton

“Now I’m more focussed, less anxiety, going for my dreams, thanks”  Lisa, Barnstaple

Please contact Jok at the clinic here or Tel:  07968 511312