Services we offer for Fibromyalgia  

We offer a range of services carefully selected to give you the best options to suit your needs.  

Information and Signposting

You can find helpful information at the clinic and on Our Blog and Facebook Page with a range of topics

Membership and Workshops

Our annual membership package, costing £55.00 includes 50% discounts on workshops and treatments with various discounts on selected products.  Our workshops are tailor made, interactive and educational, costing between £15.00 and £25.00 for non members, the most popular being:

Time to Shine – Live Well with Fibro  an empowering and motivational series of workshops with the focus on health and well being to include mindfulness, nutrition and safe use of supplements and natural remedies, Qigong, a gentle form of exercise, breathing techniques and meditation for mind, body and spirit. 

Mindfulness Practice  Meditation to encourage relaxation of the mind and body.  Information and guided breathing techniques to help bring balance to the nervous system.  Mindfulness movement, seated and standing, a gentle form of exercise to work intuitively whilst gently stretching, exercising the body at your own pace to give maximum benefits to reduce fibromyalgia stiffness and pain.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping)

To take a look at our current workshops visit our Workshops Page  

The “Fibro Tool Kit” – Self-help Management Programme

A bespoke programme unique to the clinic and developed by Jok Saunders, founder of the clinic and fellow sufferer.  Over five sessions, fee £70.00 for members, delivered in small groups and designed to address the emotional, psychological and physical aspects of living with the challenges of fibromyalgia, helping you to gain new coping skills and customize your own self-care plan. 

Support Groups 

Support Groups are free to members,  structured in small groups to offer a confidential meeting place for women diagnosed with fibromyalgia where you can feel confident to discuss concerns and enjoy the company of others who share similar challenges.


Whether you want to find some sanctuary or enjoy a treatment our wonderfully calming treatment room is a space to unwind and relax.  

Our Signature Mind / Body Treatment gives a deeply relaxing and dreamy experience.  This treatment option for fibromyalgia is tailor made to suit your needs having influences of Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy to help soothe away stress.   In combination of head, neck and shoulder massage with guided breathing and visualization, followed by a gentle foot massage or reflexology treatment, this blissfully re-balancing experience makes this a perfect treatment option for fibromyalgia, helping to ease emotional anxieties, release tension, relax and restore mind and body. We also offer Reiki treatments to help restore your energy and encourage the body’s natural healing.

To read more about our most popular treatments please visit our blog Treatment Options for Fibromyalgia

For further information on any of the above and prices you can call Jok on 07968 511312 or if you’d rather, visit the Contact Us page and drop us an email. 




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