The Fibro Tool Kit offers a programme addressing the emotional, physical and psychological aspects of managing  fibromyalgia. 

The Tool Kit is a bespoke course developed by Founder of the clinic Jok Saunders, also a fibromyalgia sufferer whose career as a holistic health practitioner spans over twenty years and now specializes in the treatment of fibromyalgia with mind-body awareness practice helping you to customize your own self-care plan. 

Fibromyalgia affects each of us differently and what works for one may not be the answer for another, but we have in common is the realization that:

Fibromyalgia Syndrome is life changing, It affects not only the sufferer but has a ripple effect on family and relationships, work, social and lifestyle.  Fibromyalgia is an invisible illness affecting the emotional, psychological and physical aspects of health and can be helped with the right self-management, information and support.

Benefits of The Fibro Tool Kit 

  • In small confidential groups each session is designed to give you information and techniques to empower and help you as an individual, to choose top tips and skills that take the guess work out of what to do to in difficult times and reduce the occurrence of fibromyalgia flare ups.
  • Discover and explore solutions to replace unhelpful habits that may be keeping you in the “fibro – stress” loop. 
  • Diet and lifestyle are key to managing fibromyalgia symptoms and The Fibro Tool Kit provides a wide range of nutritional information and top tips for you to choose your best diet for fibromyalgia.
  • Gain new insight and clarification about fibromyalgia pain and how the stress response influences the symptoms. 
  • Learn specific movement, meditation and breathing exercises to reduce stress and restore energy levels.
  • Receive ongoing fibromyalgia support whilst making new friends who share similar challenges.


For further details about The Fibro Tool Kit, you can contact us here.

“Very helpful Clinic with informative workshops and support group” Chrissie S